Kentmere's Pricing

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Food Menu


Kentmere Breakfast– Two organic eggs cooked to your preference, duo choice of sausages, color bacon, potatoe wedges, baked beans, mushroom and spinach, baked pastry, fresh juice of your choice, kenyan tea, kenyan coffee, hot chocolate.1,450
English Breakfast– Eggs cooked according to your choice, fried mushrooms, baked beans, bacon rushes, 2 sausages, beef or pork or chicken, grilled tomatoes, pastries, toasted bread (white/brown), mixed tea, coffee, chocolate, milk, cereals, assorted fruits.1,600
Continental Breakfast– Mixed tea, coffee, chocolate, assorted fruits, bread, cereals, baked pastries, fresh juice.1,300

Hot Beverages

Mixed tea300
White/black coffee300
White chocolate300
Lemon tea300
Glass of milk300
Masala tea250
Black tea200
Green herbal tea300


Chicken & mushroom crepe’ salad850
Seafood salad850
Chicken salad850
Salmon salad850
Kentmere pate850
Mushroom garlic & toast660


Vegetable soup350
Seafood bisque500
Minestrone soup450
Cream of pumpkin450
Cream of mushroom soup450
Pea soup350
All served with a pair of bread rolls


8pcs fish fingers with tartar sauce and chips900
8 pcs chicken wings with chips and salad900
2 choma sausages with salad and chips650
8 pcs vegetable spring rolls with chips and salad900
2 samosa with salad and chips650


Banana smoothie (banana, milk, yoghurt, brown sugar, water)300
Melon smoothie (melons, cucumber, mint leaves, grapes)300
Very berry smoothie (strawberries, banana, yoghurt)300
Butternut & banana smoothie (butternut, banana, milk, sugar, cinnamon, vanilla extract, ice cream)300
Avocado smoothie (avocado, milk, yoghurt, vanilla extract, honey)300
Ice cream- two scoups200

Food Menu


Kentmere roast chicken1,350
Chicken curry1,350
Chicken kiev1,450
Duck with peaches1,500
Kienyeji chicken wet/dry fry2,850
Chicken ham & cheese1,600
All served with either potatoes of your choice, rice or ugali and vegetables in season.


Baked river trout1,300
Prawns pilipili1,700
Whole tilapia1,300
Fish fillet1,300
Grilled prawns1,700
All served with either chips, rice or ugali and vegetables in season.


Baked rabbit with mastered sauce1,400
Grilled pork chops with apple sauce1,400
T-bone steak with pepper sauce1,300
Fillet beef with rosemary sauce1,300
Roast leg of lamb with garlic butter sauce1,300
Escalope of beef1,500
All served with either potatoes of your choice, rice or ugali and vegetables in season.

African Corner Speciality For Two

1kg pork ribs glazed with honey2,200
1kg kentmere special2,200
1kg wt fried mbuzi2,200
All served with either mukimo, ugali or chapati and vegetables in season.

Kentmere Corner

Kentmere combo– 4pcs broiler chicken, 4pcs beef fillet, 4pcs lamb chops, 1pc choma sausage, kachumbari, vegetables & ugali3,850
Chef’s platter 3 pax– 3pcs lamb chops, 3pcs marinated chicken breast, 3pcs choma sausage (beef/pork/chicken), 3pcs marinated beef fillet, 3pcs meat skewers, 1.25ltr of soda, kachumbari prepared according to your specification served with either potatoe wedges, ugali, rice and spinach4,850

Vegetarian Corner

Spaghetti/ Macaroni/ Fusilli/ Penne (All served with mushroom sauce and tomatoes garlic sauce)1,000
Assorted vegetables stew with steamed rice900
Vegetable curry with chapati, steamed rice and mashed potatoes1,300
Indian platter dal, sweetcorn, peas, pepper dan, cucumber, lighter, rattle and masala1,500
Indian vegetable platter: scrambled corn and paneer, dal, mixed vegetables, cucumber raita, green peas and papadum1,500


Assorted ice cream (vanilla/ strawberry/ chocolate)500
Fruit cake500
Vanilla cake400
Warm apple pie500
Fruit cuts/salad500

Food Menu

Kids Corner

Chicken nuggets400
Mini beef burger & chips550
Fish fingers & chips450
Chips & 2 sausages550
Mini pizza450
Chicken lollipop- 4 pcs550
Macaroni & cheese500
Hot dog400
Chipolatas with chips450
Mini vegetable rolls350
Mini samosa300
Plain chips300
Plain spaghetti400
Spaghetti bolognese550


Kentmere borewores (minced meat, tomatoes, onions & cheese)
Kentmere chicken barbeque (chicken & cheese)
Kentmere chicken tikka (onions, green, red & yellow capsicum, chicken & cheese)
Kentmere beef barbeque (meat, sausages, onions & cheese)
Kentmere vegetable tikka (green, red, yellow capsicum, onions, mushroom, pineapple & cheese)
Kentmere chicken hawaiian (chicken, pineapples & cheese)
Kentmere meat deluxe (minced meat, bacon & ham)
Kentmere magarita (cheese, tomatoes & oregano)
Kentmere pepperoni (pepperoni, tomatoes & cheese)
Kentmere kasalinga (chicken, bacon, tomatoes & cheese)
Small size: Ksh. 850/- Medium size: Ksh. 1,150/- Large size: Ksh. 1,400/- Extra toppings: Ksh. 200/-


Details (Ksh)
Fresh bread 800g 250
Fruit cake (per kg) 2,000
Carrot cake (per kg) 1,800
Marble cake (per kg) 1,700
Vanilla cake (per kg) 1,700
Sponge cake (per kg) 2,200
Queen cakes- 6 pcs large 400
Tea scones- 6 pcs 400

Accommodation Rates + Conferencing

Single Rooms

Single rooms Ksh
B/O- Bed Only 4,500
B/O- Bed Only 5,000
B/B- Bed & Breakfast 6,000
H/F- Half Board 9,000
F/B- Full Board 11,000
Check-In Time: 12:30 pm
Check-Out Time: 10:30 am
Children under 5 yrs staying with an adult is free

Double Rooms

Double rooms Ksh
B/O- Bed Only 5,000
B/O- Bed Only 5,500
B/B- Bed & Breakfast 7,500
H/F- Half Board 11,000
F/B- Full Board 14,000
Check-In Time: 12:30 pm
Check-Out Time: 10:30 am
Children under 5 yrs staying with an adult is free

Tripple Rooms

Tripple rooms Ksh
B/O- Bed Only 7,000
B/B- Bed & Breakfast 9,200
H/F- Half Board 12,500
F/B- Full Board 15,000
Check-In Time: 12:30 pm
Check-Out Time: 10:30 am
Children under 5 yrs staying with an adult is free


Moonflower Ksh
B/O- Bed Only 8,000
B/B- Bed & Breakfast 9,500
H/F- Half Board 12,000
F/B- Full Board 15,000
Check-In Time: 12:30 pm
Check-Out Time: 10:30 am
Children under 5 yrs staying with an adult is free

Conference Rates

Single Room (Ksh)
B/B 7,000
H/B 9,000
F/B 11,000
Double Room(Ksh)
Tripple Room(Ksh)
Day Rate (Ksh)
Day conference rate without accommodation (per participant) 3,000
This package includes a well-aired conference room, lunch, morning and afternoon tea with pastries, a flip chart board, flip chart papers, marker pens and loose leaf pad, bottle of mineral water per session per participant.

Fast speed internet is available in the conference room.